GMT - Global Measurement Technique

Determination of Soot and Temperature Traces in CI-Engines

The application of the GMT in a CI engine allows the analysis of the trace of the the soot particles and temperature  during the combustion process which makes it easy to optimize the engine. The analysis of the luminosity of single gas components permits the user to draw conclusions as to the energy consumption during the combustion.

The global fibre optic measurement technique is a system to detect the combustion luminosity of a large portion of the combustion chamber. With the help of optical filters or other spectral analysis components it is possible to record the combustion process at a specified wavelength, which provides information on the gaseous components in different phases of the combustion.

At a Glance  

  • Trace of temperature
  • Soot concentration trace
  • Early flame development
  • Misfire detection
  • Analysis of the gaseous components of the combustion
  • Observation of a large portion of the combustion chamber
  • Easy adaptation (into existing probe holes)
  • Application in mass production and research engines
  • Easy handling
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