PID - Pre Ignition Detection

PID Spark Plug Adaptors

Modern combustion techniques with its increasingly higher charged engines show pronounced shifts of the ignition point which means the mixture remains longer at a higher thermal level. The result is a higher tendency towards pre ignition.

With the new pre ignition detector COMBI PID SMETEC delivers a simple to use tool to quickly determine the pre ignition boundaries. Based on the ion-current measurement technique this system uses the regular built in spark plug. Automatic test-routines shift the ignition point to determine if the combustion was initiated by the spark or by pre-ignition. Besides the optimisation of the combustion process it is possible to determine the heat value of spark plugs

At a Glance

  • spark plug heat value validation
  • real time capability for over night long term tests
  • automatic test procedures
  • CAN communication
  • encoder or 60-2 signal input
  • versatile software package
  • multiple statistic functions
  • compatible with other COMBI systems
  • 12 V for in vehicle testing
  • controlling by notebook via IEEE 1394 interface
  • dimension: 1 HU, 19"
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