Optical windows at the engine are necessary to protect the borescope or the illumination probe against pressure and temperature influences. SMETEC offers standard probes in length and diameter. It is possible to change the dimensions on costumer request. Our probes are suitable for the standard borescope and the UV-Scope. Both are heat protected by air cooling. In addition the UV-Scope has a temperature transducer. The diameter at the tips of both borescopes is 4 mm. Herewith the borescope are suitable for mostly all engine applications. The drilling for the probe is not bigger than for a pressure transducer.


The SIS (SMETEC Imaging System) is used in combination with the reflected-light method to observe the spray or other phenomenons. The illumination of the object should be in the same angle like the camera. To apply light onto the object it can be helpful to turn round the beam with numereous quarz adaptors.


"All in One" - Probe

The enormous advantage with this probe is the compact design. No additional access to the combustion chamber is necessary and the object is illuminated directly via the wall of the quartz cylinder which prevents reflections. With the traditional probes it is necessary to create a secondary access to combustion chamber adjacent to the borescope. This step is not necessary with the SIS and the optional “All in one”-Probe which makes this system especially suitable for mass products.