SIS - SMETEC Imaging Systems

UV-Scope Adaptation

SMETEC supports the costumer with a longtime knowledge in optical combustion investigation and adaptation of optical windows and probes.

The camera systems will be delivered as "Plug-and-Measure" including the combustion analyzer COMBI and a Windows based software bundle with lots of features for image processing.

CMOS-Cam - High speed system for spray and

                    combustion observation


The CMOS-Cam is a camera system with a high spatial resolution to investigate mainly the fuel spread directly in the combustion chamber. Therfore the object has to be illuminated by a flash or a powerful illumination unit. But it is also possible to capture the flame propagation in Diesel engines where no extra illumination is neccessary. Furtheron the software delivers the soot mass and temperature determination by using a colour camera.


At a Glance

  • High visual resolution
  • Usable for mass production development
  • Developed for bench applications:
    • Trigger/Clock inputs
    • Synchronization with other devices
    • CA or time based
  • Combination of visualization and combustion on one software screen
  • Easy handling


Scope of delivery

  • high speed camera (Photron)
  • 4-8 mm cooled borescope
  • Customized optical probe for borescope
  • Customized illumination probe
  • Customized illumination fiber
  • Flash and permanente light unit (LED-P40)
  • Combustion analyzer (COMBI)
  • „All in One"-Software: COMBI-SIS for CMOS-Cam and COMBI for pressure indication
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