High Intensity Light Sources

The SMETEC LED-P40/80/160  is a high performance LED light source family for industrial use. It was developed  for light critical camera applications especially for high speed imaging.  The LED-P40/80/160  can be used as a continuous light source or pulsed source of light. It provides in both applications high light output and in pulse mode high repetition rate.



At a Glance

  • Brightest optical output (green or white)
  • Fully flexible light adjustment
  • Remote control by software
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Laser replacement
  • Safe laboratory environment

With a connected optical fiber bundle, the system is an ideal choice for many applications in endoscopy and spot illumination which demand a higher light output. It is possible to substitute laser applications. This makes the handling much more easier and safer. Further  there are no more extra safty features necessary. The user can chose between 3 kind of light sources, which differed by the amount of LED chips.







LED-P40 has 1 LED Chip





LED-P80 has 2 LED Chips






LED-P160 has 4 LED Chips


The light source can be used as stand alone system, or with remote control over an Ethernet connection.


All units  are equipped with a T-Base 100 (Ethernet) connector for the external mode adjustment. Settings can be saved and will be available after restart. Many settings can also be controlled manually at the device. The current mode is displayed by status LEDs.


The LED-P40/80/160 is the ideal illumination system for the SMETEC All-In-One probe. Minimally invasive measuring techniques use only one optical probe with separated illumination and recording channels. This system prevents interfering reflections.


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