GSV - Gas Sampling Valve

The GSV ( Gas Sampling Valve) is a quick, timed sampling valve which can take small amounts of gas out of different locations of an engine. While the sampled gas is transported to the analysis device, the controller prepares the electromagnetically activated valve for the next sampling. A few cycles later the next probe can be taken at a specified time.

GSV Gas Sampling Valve

The GSV has proven its value especially in the area of developing new engine concepts. The optimized size of the GSV enables the user to sample gas out of almost any areas of the combustion chamber and the exhaust pipe.

The GSV will be used for to determine the air/fuel-ratio to verify the CFD calculations.

The timed sampling time makes it easy to find the best ignition time or to recess the knowleadge of the mixure formation  for different piston positions.

At a Glance:

  • SI- and CI-Engines
  • Fired or motored state
  • Syncronised with combustion analyser
  • 0.5 - 1 mm stroke
  • Less than 1 ms sampling time
  • Heated tubes (200° C)
  • Compact design: 6 mm tip diameter and 13 mm main cover
  • Replaceble valve unit
  • Reduced death volume
  • Input 1 deg CA and Triggersignal from engine encoder
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