FOSP - Fiber Optic Spark Plug

FOSP with Radial Probes

The fiber optic spark plug is a mass production spark plug fitted with up to 24 optical probes. The robust design of the FOSP permits the use even at high temperature and high pressure in mass production engines. The special treatment of the spark plug does not change its thermal characteristics significantly because neither the ceramic is harmed nor the heat flow to the outer hull is handicapped. Any mass production spark plug can be fitted with probes. The different view directions of the optical probes allow to observe the origin of knock and the origin of pre ignition even at the edge of the combustion chamber.

The optical probes in the spark plug thread receive the luminosity of the combustion and transmit it through flexible fibre optics to highly sensitive optoelectronic receivers which convert the luminosity into a responding voltage. The high sensitivity of the system permits the analysis of the combustion even at idle speed and cold start.

At a Glance

  • Combustion Analysis
  • Early flame propagation
  • Knock detection
  • Misfire detection
  • Pre ignition detection
  • Sooting Combustion detection
  • Fits of any mass production spark plug
  • Robust design
  • Quick adaptation 
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