Engineering Services


Services  for SMETEC measurement techniques


  • Supporting the customers with engineering know-how in all areas of engine investigation.
  • Giving the possibiltity to rent the measurement techniques for temporary use.
  • Advising the customers to adapt optical measurement technique to the engine.
  • Prepairing the engine to adapt the measurement technique.
  • Supporting measuring campaign with engineers at the engine test beds in the laboratories of the customers.
  • Prepairing cars to do on road investigation.


Customized Software and Electronics


Customized Hard- and Software
  • Customized soft- and hardware development
  • Developing of entire measuring chains (sensors, physical converters, data acquisition and analysis software) on customers requirements
  • Developing of single components for OEMs
  • Analog-digital technologie
  • Fast and slow data aquisition
  • Real time data acquisition and analysis