Perfect Tools for Combustion Analysis

Combustion analysis is the main working area in modern engine development. Beginning with the common pressure indication to high sophisticated optical tools SMETEC offers everything that is needed to reach future goals in emission and fuel consumption.

In order to achieve the necessary efficiencies and emission requirements, SMETEC offers tools which clearly exceed the possibilities of existing systems. In addition to problem solving, emphasis is placed on "user friendliness" of the equipment at the workplace. The robust design makes the equipment ideal for regular use at the test-bench.

High Intensity Fiber Optic Light Sources         for High Speed Imaging


The SMETEC LED-P40/80/160  is a high performance LED light source family for industrial use. It was developed  for light critical camera applications especially for high speed imaging.  The LED-P40/80/160  can be used as a continuous light source or pulsed source of light. It provides in both applications high light output and in pulse mode high repetition rate.



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MMSP - Multi-Functional Measuring Spark      Plug


SMETEC and KISTLER developed the new Multi-Functional Measuring Spark Plug (MMSP): these combine the merits of cylinder pressure measurement with the advantage of visual combustion analysis in a compact and robust design.





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FOSP - Fiber Optic Spark Plug


The fiber optic spark plug is a mass production spark plug fitted with up to 24 optical probes. The robust design of the FOSP permits the use even at high temperature and high pressure in mass production engines. The special treatment of the spark plug does not change its thermal characteristics significantly because neither the ceramic is harmed nor the heat flow to the outer hull is handicapped. Any mass production spark plug can be fitted with probes. 


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COMBI Combustion Analyser


The new 8 channel data aquisition system COMBI was especially designed for the rough use in an automobile as well as for standard use at the test cell. With the state of the art Firewire interface it is possible to connect the system to an ordinary laptop. The engineer can use the board power supply without a voltage converter. In spite of the small and light housing COMBI is a fully functional combustion analyser.


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SIS - SMETEC Imaging Systems


The CCD-Cam is the camera with a high spatial resolution to investigate mainly the fuel spread directly in the combustion chamber. Therfore the object has to be illuminated by a flash. But it is also possible to capture the flame propagation in Diesel engines where no extra illumination is neccessary. Furtheron the software delivers the soot mass and temperature determination by using a colour camera.


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PID - Pre Ignition Detector


Modern combustion techniques with its increasingly higher charged engines show pronounced shifts of the ignition point which means the mixture remains longer at a higher thermal level. The result is a higher tendency towards pre ignition. With the new pre ignition detector COMBI PID SMETEC delivers a simple to use tool to quickly determine the pre ignition boundaries. Based on the ion-current measurement technique this system uses the regular built in spark plug.


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GSV - Gas Sampling Valve


The GSV a quick, timed sampling valve which can take small amounts of gas out of different locations of an engine. While the sampled gas is transported to the analysis device, the controller prepares the electromagnetically activated valve for the next sampling. A few cycles later the next probe can be taken at a specified time.




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